Deleted ship after "explosion bug"

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  • Deleted ship after "explosion bug"


    Since the bug of 29 october (stuff explosion), i lost one ship (big, about 650 blocks), named :
    - SCA, HMS New Horizon
    On this ship, a little is landed named "SCA, Explorer".

    Is it possible to recover it ?

    Before the bug, i go to Moon trade station for limiterium. I trade gold for 690 limiterium (+/- 23k gold). I hope this material is inside the ship or can be recovered.

    Thx for support,

  • Hi Carth,

    first, there was a major reroll of the server after the bug happend, so your ship and all its cargo should have been reset too. If it was not here when you came online the next time, there may be some reasons for it:
    • Your ship(s) got raided.
    • Your ship has not been propperly renamed, resulting in being deleted.
    • An admin found out, you may have broken some rules like respawnship abuse, and deleted it therefore.

    A quick look at the list of ships showed me, that the first two cases are very likely, as you only had a new, not renamed Respawnship left on the server just minutes ago, that got deleted automatically soon after.

    Based on this, and on the fact, that we don't have backups older than 30h, there is no way to check for the ship or get it back.
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