Vault grid disappeard on server

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  • Vault grid disappeard on server

    hey guys/admins,

    Today I logged in again after a while and found my ship floating far away from the spot I parked it (with landing gear)
    Some grids that were connected via connecors were disconnected and detached from my ship, batteries turned off, but all floating still.

    however, 1 thing I was really sad about, was the loss of only 1 grid; it just vanished. I dont expect to be raided as all my stuff is 'still there' untouched.
    My medbays were not shared to faction, only myself.

    Sad think the lost grid, was my vault grid, so I lost about all my coins and limiterium. I'm just curious what happened.

  • Hi C3ntron,

    the 3 grids in question were bugging around (turning and floating), so we had to detach them in order to be able to stop them. One of them - your main ship i guess - had a damaged flank, therefor i think, there had been some kind of collision, maybe due to a bug on loading time.
    For the fourth grid - there were some ships floating around inside planets and moons the other day, that got deleted to restore simspeed. I think i can remember, one of them belonged to you, presumably this was your "vault grid". How they got there I don't know.

    What I know: As none of your grids is a static base, but they are mostely connected, they are always moving slowely and then stopping again, to compensate for tiny offsets in their positioning. It may help, to have one fixxed grid (unmoveable station, even without terminal blocks), to which all the other grids get connected, as then one side of the intercepting physics is deactivated.

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  • Hi Scytero,
    Thanks for the response. Odd thing is: I had my largest grid connected to a static grid with the landinggear on the front. Apparently that didnt help.

    The hole in my ship must have come through an exploding rotor head; Too bad that still is happening;

    Regarding my vault grid: that is very odd that it came in the planet; I havent been traveling around for a long time; Sad that bug cost me heavily. Rather would have 'donated' it to skycity instead ;)

    I'll connect my mobile grids to a static one now, hopefully this won't happen again.