Helix Space Mall

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  • Helix Space Mall

    We, the MOR would like to introduce you to the Helix Space Mall.

    This is the first trading outpost managed and maintained not by admins but by players.
    We offer some advantages over the planetary trading stations and are easy to reach for anyone with a Jumpdrive.

    The advantages in overview

    - Safe trade zone in the space -

    - No danger from Raider -

    - reachable from any point -

    - no troublesome landing on a planet -

    - Jump directly out of the zone via jumpdrive -

    - Direct trade and no effort to refine ores -

    Our other Services

    We realize that not everyone has a transport ship with Jumpdrives. Therefore, we offer a transport of goods for a small service charge of 100 Limiterium.
    The coordinates of the meeting point can be freely chosen by the customer.


    We are happy to make individual offers for our regular customers


    Customers who visit us on the Helix receive a Spacecoin as a thank you every 10th trade


    We offer free refueling with hydrogen and oxygen


    We also gladly accept rock waste for disposal

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