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  • [EN] Economy and Trading System

    Server Economy and Trading System on the Server
    Deutsche Version offers a comprehensive economy based on continuous resource extraction. Players must collect the Limiterium component, which is required for building new blocks. Also, many systems on the server are limited per player. If a player wants to exceed these limits, he must also invest in Space Coins for Extra Blocks.

    How do I get Limiterium?

    There are several ways to obtain the basis for all blocks - the building component Limiterium:
    1. Initial credit:
      Your Spawnschiff equips you with a starting credit of Limiterium - use this for a refinery and your first production facilities, as well as ships for ore mining and/or with the ability to fly to the moons and land there.
    2. Raw material mining, processing and exchange:
      • Mine ores and refine them into ingots/powders.
      • Take them to the trading station on the Earth moon Luna or the Martian moon Europe (GPS data below) and convert them to Limiterium. You will find the operating instructions on site. Depending on the material, you will receive different amounts of Limiterium.
      • If required, (other) ingots can be bought for limitium.
    3. Player trade:
      Bargain with other players for resources, ships or services.
    4. Hunting for satellites ("Unknown signals"):
      These not only bring new skins for your astronaut, but also raw materials!
    5. Fighting, looting, piracy - PvP:
      Everything you find in structures in space or on moons and planets contains Limiterium as a resource. But be careful: Not everyone gives up their ship or station without a fight!

    Exchange rates at the trading stations:

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    Ore (kg)Ingots (kg)Limiterium
    Stone / Gravel833,400600,0001

    Where do I get space coins?

    Space coins as raw material for extra blocks are currently only available in the trading station on Titan in exchange for Limiterium.

    Exchange rate: 100 Limierium = 1 Sapce Coins

    Some Extra Blocks do also come with improved values, like better efficiency, increased reach or lower energy consumption. It's up to you, to find out the exact amounts.

    Where can I find the trading stations?

    The official trading stations are installed on the surfaces of the moons and allow ships to dock on the roof and on the sides.

    • Exchange of ingots and Limiterium
      Earthmoon Luna:
      GPS:-=HS Luna=- Jump:13600:123300:-117300:
      GPS:-=HS Luna=-:14460:127400:-116350:

      Martian moon Europe:
      GPS:-=HS Europe=- Jump:930000:18500:1614000:
      GPS:-=HS Europe=-:926140:18530:1614800:
    • Convert Limiterium to Space Coins:
      Alienmond Titan:
      GPS:-=HS Titanium=- Jump:36000:212800:5797800:
      GPS:-=HS Titanium=-:35880:216660:5797250:

    • Free Player Trade:
      Trading zone Space One (between Earth and Mars)

      GPS:-=TZ "Space One"=- (Space):524710:84550:764140:

    • All trading stations are protected within a 500m radius, marked by a beacon - Here PvP is strictly forbidden in any form, including theft and fraud!
      Violations can be reported with a screenshot in the forum at and may be even punished with a ban!

    • Also, No Parking: Ships without a pilot nearby are transported out of the PvP protection zone.

    We wish you a lot of fun with building, trading and combing.
    Your team of

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