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  • [EN] Server Rules for DS

    Server Rules for the Dedicated Server of

    Deutsche Version

    Connect: steam://connect/

    Our goal is to ensure a stable server and a frustration-free gaming experience. For this purpose we assume a basic level of politeness and mutual respect as well as reading and practising the following rules:

    ATTENTION: The rules are adjusted regularly if the circumstances require - "ignorance does not protect against punishment"...
    In case of doubt, the rules available in the game via chat command !help rules apply.


    A1. is a German and English speaking server: Please use only this language in public chats and when naming structures, fractions and antennas/beacons. Player names should be based on Latin letters.

    A2. Foreign advertising is forbidden in any form!

    A3. Major server changes, possible wipes and resets will be announced in the forum of Stay up to date!


    B1. The whole server is PvP-area - Even in your absence your ships and stations can be attacked and destroyed!

    B2. The only exceptions are the neutral trade zones (Safezones), which are marked with a beacon as " NPC.Safezone - no PvP": No damage to foreign ships, moving them out of the zone or stealing resources from other players. Though, you are not allowed to park ships there, if your character is not present!

    B3. Multiaccounts and other unfair means to subvert limits, collect additional (starting) resources or disadvantage other players will not be tolerated!

    B4. No 1-player factions - these will be deleted regularly. If you want to play alone, join the -F-.Freelancer faction.

    B5. Only one starter ship per player! Each further one can lead to the loss of all previous buildings of you and your faction.

    B6. Don't let unnecessary amounts of ores, components and tools float/fall down!
    When drilling, use right-click (drill holes without stocking up inventory), collect components and sell excess gravel (stone) to trading stations.

    B7. Do not connect ships to moving objects except when loading and transporting.

    B8. Drilling, welding, grinding and flying (gliding) as well as the operation of drones is only allowed if you are online and responsive.

    B9. The gathering of production plants (refineries, assembler, ...) of foreign players is prohibited.

    B10. Ships/stations owned by inactive players are deleted after 10 days.
    Grids of inactive players can be hacked by faction members.
    By leaving an absent message in the forum, you can save your grids from deletion for a maximum of 3 weeks.

    Grids (ships and stations):

    C1. Name EVERY one of your grids: e.g. "ABC My ship" (ABC = faction prefix or your name).
    Ships with no or wrong names are regularly removed, fractions without ships to be assigned are deleted.

    C2. A beacon must be built on each grid, otherwise it will be deleted automatically.

    C3. Building limits per grid (incl. subgrids):
    - Maximum 10,000 blocks
    - Maximum 10 drills, welders or grinders
    - Maximum 20 large turrets (Gatling OR rocket launchers together) and additional 20 interior turrets
    - Maximum 10 rigid weapons (Gatlings, rocket launchers or self-loading rocket launchers)

    C4. No drilling, welding or grinding vessels based on rotors and pistons.

    C5. Scripts can only be installed by admins after inspection and must not run endlessly.

    If you have questions about the rules and how to enforce them, found a bug in the game or need help, ask at any time (friendly!) in the chat - surely a player or admin will be able to help you!

    Any abuse, rule break or inappropriate behavior can lead to the deletion of inventories or structures, to short breaks or even to the ban of the player.
    Furthermore, the administrators will take all necessary measures to stabilize the server performance if they detect problems that are not covered by the rules.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support team:

    Have fun on the server!
    The team of

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