Ankündigung [EN] Server Rules for DS

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  • [EN] Server Rules for DS

    Server Rules for the Dedicated Server of

    Deutsche version

    Connect: steam://connect/

    These rules and restrictions are designed to ensure a fun and entertaining gaming experience for all astronauts.
    1. is a german and english server, please use only this language in the public chats.
    2. Third-party advertising in Chat, Voice Chat, in player names, on LCD, by beacons or in any other form are strictly forbidden.
    3. Changes to the server, possible wipes, or resets will be announced in the forum of So stay up to date!
    4. Announce absences like holidays or game breaks in the forum. Ships/stations of single players will otherwise be removed after 7 days, if part of a faction (more than 2 members) after 14 days.
    5. Neutral zones (PvE safezones) are marked by an antenna or beacon of the admin faction: "A-F ...".
    6. In Safezones PvP is strictly forbidden. No damaging of other stations or ships, moving them out of the zone, or stealing other players' resources.
    7. No building or long-term parking in PvE zones without the explizit permission of the admins.
    8. Everything outside a savezone is PvP area!
    9. No abuse of spawn ships - Use them only to (re)start. In this case you have to delete all your existing grids.
    10. Don't let unnecessary amounts of ore rocks and components float around! Collect them immediately, right click or hold [F] while drilling with a handdrill and destroy excess stones with the vaporizer block (Mod).
    11. Drilling, welding, grinding, and flying (manually or by remote control) is only allowed if you are online on the server.
    12. Rename your grids: "FAC Gridname" (FAC = faction tag). Factions without appropriately named grids are regularly deleted, as are wrongly named grids!
    13. No rotor and piston-based drilling, welding or grinding vessels.
    14. Building limits per grid:
      • Maximum 10,000 blocks overall.
      • Maximum 10 drills, welders or grinders
      • Maximum 20 large towers (Gatling or missiles combined) and 20 internal turrets
      • Maximum 10 rigid weapons (gatlings, rocket launchers or self-loading rocket launchers)
    15. Scripts can only be installed by admins and must not run endlessly.

    If you don't understand a rule or don't know how to apply it, always ask in the chat - a player will certainly be able to help you!

    Abuse can lead to the deletion of structures or to the ban of the player.
    Administrators will also take any necessary measures to stabilize server performance if they identify problems not covered by the rules.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support team:

    Have fun on the server!
    The team of

    Updated on 03.11.2018

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