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Das deutschsprachige Forum zum Spiel Space Engineers.

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  • Hello, Engineers!

    It’s hard to believe, but Space Engineers was released six years ago. It seems like yesterday, but I think the time always runs very fast with the things you love. It would take the entire blog post to mention all names and people who contributed to the success of Space Engineers. But it were not only my colleagues who I’d like to thank, it’s also you, our players and modders, who helped us to shape the game, gave us great ideas and who constantly provided us with feedback.

    This update is full of new things, improvements and surprises. We combined the things which were inspired by you, with the things we think you will like.
    With this release, we are also releasing the Xbox optimizations and improved controller support.

    Marek's blog post: blog.marekrosa.org/2019/10/spa…eers-6th-anniversary.html
    Full list of features and improvements: forum.keenswh.com/threads/upda…corative-pack-ii.7403489/

  • Hello, Engineers! The last couple of months were busy in Keen. We were working on another major update, which we are releasing today. Many of you have participated on our public tests, so you probably know that the update is about the new economy system we are bringing into the game.

    Regarding existing feature polish, we have addressed a record amount of long term issues and bugs, so many thanks to our incredible community for their continuous support and patience. There really is something for everyone in this update!

    All new game features related to the economy are free of charge. The free update includes the economy code updates, the safe zones, all the contract features and long term fixes. For players who wish to support the further development of Space Engineers, we have created a Pack which consists of cosmetic items designed to enrich your game.

    Marek's blog post: blog.marekrosa.org/2019/08/spa…neers-economy-update.html
    Full list of features and improvements:
  • Hello community,
    Once again I have a little survey for you here. This is aimed at all active, inactive and pausing players. I would like to collect your opinions and thoughts on the server. Would be glad, if you take 5 minutes for it and participate in the survey. The results can help keep the server and its contents interesting. You can access the short survey via the link below

    Hallo community,
    Ich habe hier wieder einmal eine kleine Umfrage für euch. Diese richtet sich an alle Aktiven, Inaktiven und pausierenden Spieler. Hiermit möchte ich gerne eure meinungen und gedanken zum Server sammeln. Würde mich freuen, wenn ihr euch 5 minuten zeit dafür nehmt und an der umfrage teilnehmt. Die ergebnisse können dabei helfen, den Server und dessen inhalte interessant zu halten.Ihr gelangt über den link unten direkt zu der kurzen umfrage


    Thank you all.

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